Cost Savings

Time equals Money

A good disc planter should halve your fuel bill compared with conventional planters due to the lower energy requirements of the discs machines. A Tobin No-Till disc seeder goes well beyond this. It delivers the large fuel savings you expect plus renowned reliability and durability and most importantly, accurate seed placement at speeds up to 25 kmh. Accurate seed placement at speed improves labour productivity, saves money and increases planting program flexibility.

Speed equals input cost savings

Accurate and consistent planting at speeds of up to 25 kph means large input costs savings. The purchase price of a new piece of machinery is only one variable in the overall return the machine provides. A Tobin No-Till seeder is proven to deliver large operating cost savings year after year and trouble free operation. Watch our videos to see customers talk of their experiences.

  • Fuel – The Tobin No-Till Disc Drill uses only 35%-55% of the fuel consumed with conventional tined machines. Planting speeds up to 25kph and lower energy requirements contribute to these savings.
  • Labour – The Tobin No-Till Disc Drill will plant in one third to half the time of a tined machine and indeed some disc machines, resulting in large labour savings.
  • Capital equipment savings – Because you can travel faster with the Tobin No-Till Disc Drill, you need fewer machines. Because there is less drag compared with conventional machines, you need smaller tractors.
  • Preserves capital equipment – The higher planting speeds means less engine hours to sow a given land area which means longer life for tractors.

Ease of Maintenance

Save time and money on maintenance. Low maintenance is a key design criteria of the Tobin No-Till drill. Our machine is virtually maintenance free. Our fifty-foot machine has only 12 grease nipples. Competing machines have up to seven grease nipples per row. For a forty foot machine, that would be 364 nipples. We also provide a 3 year warranty on ground engaging bearings.

Durable & Reliable

Tobin No-Till Disc Drills are virtually indestructible and will provide years of reliable service. Watch our customers in the video clips and hear their experiences.