Low maintenance and durability are important

Low maintenance and durability are key requirements of farmers considering new machinery. A Tobin No-Till planter meets this need. Our machine is virtually maintenance-free and delivers reliably season after season. Our confidence in our bearing quality is demonstrated with our 3 year guarantee. Click on “Quick Clips” opposite to hear our customers discuss maintenance of a Tobin No-Till drill.


Bearings require an initial service call after the first 10 hrs operation by an approved service technician and at the end of each season. Our bearings carry a 3 year warranty, some have been going for several years.

Grease Nipples

A Tobin No-Till 12m machine has 8 grease nipples that require greasing 3 times per year. Similar machines may have hundreds of grease nipples. We do away with that additional work.

In Season Maintenance

Apply grease to grease nipples 3 times per year. (8 on a 40’ machine). Occasionally check nuts and bolts. Maintain appropriate tyre pressure.

End of Season Maintenance

Minimal maintenance required. Clean machine, check nuts and bolts, service bearings. Release scraper pressure and lubricate (1 hr) and grease (10 mins). Take pressure off hydraulic cylinders and coat any exposed cylinder rods for protection.

“There has been no breakage’s, bending, and that’s a big plus. ”
- Phillip Della Bosca, Southern Cross, Western Australia

“No bearing failures at all through the whole season”
- Dave & Wayne Mutter, Three Springs, Western Australia