Seed Placement

Seed Placement is Critical

There’s no point going fast if seed placement suffers. The Tobin No-Till drill places seed consistently at the required depth across the speed range. Your seed will be placed at the pre-determined moisture depth with good soil to seed contact to promote strong germination. Planting depth and planting pressure can be adjusted on-the-go if required with the flick of a lever.

Planting Depth

Change your planting depth from the tractor cab on-the-go with a flick of the lever. With a Tobin No-Till disc seeder, there are no excuses for not planting at the proper depth.

Packing Pressure

No tool-box or half a day´s work to change the packing pressure. In cab adjustment of packing pressure on-the-go makes large and small changes effortless.

Precision at Speed

Constant seed depth is maintained across the speed range. Speed gives flexibility when you need to get seed in fast before rain or in tight planting windows.

Let our customers do the talking for us

“No matter how high a speed you go, it doesn’t alter. Always the perfect seeding”
- Peter & Anthony Guerini, Southern Cross, Western Australia

“Absolute minimal soil disturbance… Excellent seed placement”
- Briel Jackson, Nyngan District, New South Wales

“Performed above expectations”
-Peter Norris, Agronomist, Geraldton, Western Australia

“Fantastic. Like chalk and cheese. Made a huge difference to yields”
- Dave & Wayne Mutter, Three Springs, Western Australia