Trash & Stubble

Continually improve your land

Stubble retention is desirable as an overall management tool in sustainable broad acre farming. The Tobin No-Till gets through stubble and trash with ease.

Where trash is lying on the ground, The Tobin No-Till will cut through it and plant beneath the trash, leaving the trash on top. The disc is angled to the direction of travel and the vertical. The size of the disc and the angle to the direction of travel enables the disc to grab the trash and tear it sideways as it is pushing into the ground. It is this action that has virtually eliminated hair pinning. Further, the large 24 inch discs allows the disc to get on top of the trash and control it rather than pushing it forward as with smaller discs that increase potential for blockage.

Benefits of trash handling and stubble retention

Minimises nutrient build-up

The stubble rots on top as in nature rather than incorporated as in mechanical or chemical solutions which can lock up nutrients in the soil.

Reduces erosion

The stubble root gives the soil some structure which helps to prevent erosion. The standing stubble slows down wind and water speed at ground level thus reducing erosion.

Retains moisture

The standing stubble and trash laying on the ground help to protect the ground from the heat of the sun thus aiding in moisture retention for the growing season. Combined with suitable crop rotations, standing stubble can be used as a conduit for moisture storage.

Protects seedlings

The standing stubble protects the emerging seedling from the heat of the sun.