Bullet Runout 50% Off

Save a massive 50% off runout Bullet models while stocks last. Complete with the full Tobin warranty that includes the incredible Tobin 3 year warranty on ground engaging bearings and structural integrity. Increase your efficiency and your operations flexibility by planting at speeds of up to 25kph, with most Bullets planting at speeds between 16-19kph. All whilst retaining and managing stubble like never before, conserving moisture, improving soil structure, and encouraging micro biological soil activity. There has never been a better time to revolutionise your operation with a new Bullet by Tobin No-Till – world leaders in seeding technology.

Run Out Models:

48’12″ AU $168,300 inc GST
60’13″ AU $180,400 inc GST

For more information contact Tobin No-Till.

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