Direct Drill – Tobin No-Till Stubble Managment

As harvest wraps up for some operations and only just begins in other areas of Australia, many operators are going to need to think about their approach to stubble management. With many bumper crops this season, operators are finding themselves with higher than average stubbles. Most approaches to dealing with stubble require tractor hours, labour, and fuel, all these at a cost to the operation – and potentially next year’s crop.

Should you have the ability to plant through any amount of stubble left on a paddock you can set up your harvest to take just the grain. This will increase the capacity of any header, regardless of badge, and means harvest can take place in a shorter time frame while minimising the risk of losses due to conditions.

Keeping standing stubble on the paddock between programs is a definite plus in a true no-till operation. Stubble will slow the velocity of wind at ground level preventing wind blast and erosion; when the rains (finally) arrive, the stubble slows the speed of water runoff and holds the soil together, again preventing erosion and assisting in moisture infiltration; and then during next season’s crops establishment, the standing stubble provides shelter during emergence.

Direct drilling with a Tobin into any amount of stubble with confidence will mean less stress. Come seeding time you can get in and just get the job done! And done at speeds of up to 25kph! Most operators average 16-20kph, however if conditions demand, you can bump it up

A core focus of the Tobin range is to provide this flexibility to the farmer so that planting can efficiently take place when the timing is right and not when the conditions allow.