Disc Seeder Overview

Tobin No-Till

Tobin No-Till manufactures world-leading no-till disc planters. We are headquartered in the central New South Wales town of Forbes, located in the heart of the Australian wheat belt surrounded by some of the stickiest and hardest soils in Australia.

Senior staff at Tobin No-Till have over fifty years experience in the Agricultural machinery industry and have been building disc planters since 2003. Our philosophy is to keep our machine simple, strong and reliable. We recognise that for our business to prosper, we need to add value to your business. We believe our planter will do that. Listen to our customers in the video clips speak of their experiences.

Tobin No-Till Disc Drill

The Tobin No-Till delivers accurate seed placement, good trash handling and low soil disturbance with planting speeds up to 25kph. The Tobin No-Till planter is strong, fast, reliable and accurate and will deliver year after year.

A Tobin No-Till Disc Drill will bring immediate cost savings, but importantly, will continually improve your land by allowing you to retain stubble and maximise moisture retention.

Free DVD

Have us send you out a Free DVD on No Till Farming using the Tobin Drill. The DVD feature farmers across land speaking of their experiences.

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Cost Savings

A good disc planter should halve your fuel bill compared with conventional planters due to the lower energy requirements of the discs machines.

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The Tobin No-Till disc drill is simple to operate and does its job efficiently with the minimum of fuss. Sticky soils, rocks, trash and stubble…

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