The Tobin No-Till delivers accurate seed placement, good trash handling and low soil disturbance with planting speeds up to 25kph. The Tobin No-Till planter is strong, fast, reliable and accurate and will deliver year after year. A Tobin

No-Till Disc Drill will bring immediate cost savings, but importantly, will continually improve your land by allowing you to retain stubble and maximise moisture retention.

In cab Depth adjust and packing pressure

Always plant at the correct settings with separate ‘on the go’ in cab depth adjustment and packing pressure adjustment. It is a flick of the lever so you will never compromise on seed placement. Even if soil types change through the paddock the seeding can be changed while seeding from the cab.

3yr warranty on ground engaging bearings and structural components.

Downtime due to bearing failure is not a option, Tobin equipment only use high quality Japanese ground engaging bearings with a number of carefully engineered measures to ensure reliability. Tobin equipment is built strong without compromise, with the weight for penetration come the strength for confidence.

Minimal maintenance

Spending time on in season maintenance will not increase the value of your crops come harvest, if anything it will cost your operation should seeding take place outside of the optimal seeding window. Most Tobin models feature a total of 4 grease nipples across the entire machine.

Moisture retention and germination

Should your operation not have the luxury of unlimited moisture, it is critical to make the most with the limitations you have. The soil dynamics of the Tobin ground engaging components will open the slot, place the seed then close the slot with minimal disturbance maintaining the soils layer

structure, retaining the moist soils around the seed. This will also provide your crop a head start with amazing germination times and strike rates, even in the most marginal conditions.


When the going gets tough, a Tobin will have you covered. Be it the heaviest stubble build up from years of No-Till, the rockiest paddocks where it’s hard to find the soil, or the stickiest mud that make you grow an inch with every step in the paddock. Tobin are proud to make planters that adapt to your challenges rather than force your operation to adapt to the planter.

Excellent penetration

Tobin planters are designed and built for versatility, with disc breakout ranging from 70lbs-700lbs breakout combined with the Tobin 24in Disc geometry a Tobin will reliably pace the seed where it needs to be.


Double your operations capacity* using the same tractor and planter width. Plant at speeds of up to 25kph provided conditions allow. Most Tobin planters operate everyday at speeds of 15kph-21kph.


The Bullet is available with a minimum spacing of 300mm (12in) or wider. Contact your local dealer or Tobin No-Till for unlisted spacing options.

*Pending soil conditions, when compared to conventional planting speeds.