Precision & Control Bullet

Control of variables means precise seed placement

Tobin No-Till Disc Drills has a strong reputation for consistent seed placement at the required depth across a wide range of conditions. The Tobin No-Till delivers accurate planting at the available moisture depth, good soil to seed contact and good coverage. Packing depth and planting pressure is controlled on-the-go seamlessly.

Planting Depth

Change your planting depth from the tractor cab on-the-go with a flick of the lever. No excuses for not planting at the proper depth.
Packing Pressure

No tool-box or half a day´s work to change the packing pressure. In cab adjustment of packing pressure on-the-go makes large and small changes effortless.
Disc Scraper Tension

Scraper tension is adjusted with a simple hand tool that will apply sufficient pressure to keep the disc free from soil build-up.

Ricochet Disc Trip
The Ricochet option provides individual disc break-out ability for use in rough conditions when the disc meets an immovable object. Features 50mm diameter pins, 1045 grade steel and low friction polymer bushes. Variable break-out pressure from 70-700 lbs.
Precision at Speed

Constant seed depth is maintained across the speed range. Speed gives flexibility when you need to get seed in fast before rain or in tight planting windows.
Muffler Wheels

Muffler Wheels are easily adjustable to vary operating pressure or fully retract when not required. Use muffler wheels in hard or compacted soils.


The benefits the Tobin No-Till Disc Drill

Free DVD

Have us send you out a Free DVD on No Till Farming using the Tobin Drill. The DVD feature farmers across land speaking of their experiences.

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Cost Savings

A good disc planter should halve your fuel bill compared with conventional planters due to the lower energy requirements of the discs machines.

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The Tobin No-Till disc drill is simple to operate and does its job efficiently with the minimum of fuss. Sticky soils, rocks, trash and stubble…

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