Introducing the all new Tornado, with advanced contour following technologies. Featuring a parallelogram with serious strength and lateral stability and ‘on the go’ depth adjustment from the tractor cab. Designed to utilise Tobin No-Tills proven opener geometry and technologies and

embraces Tobin No-Tills renown low maintenance philosophy. Available with a minimum spacing of 175mm (7in) this Tobin is ideal for export hay, pasture rejuvenation, cropping in irrigation and dryland.

Operating the Tornado

Dairy farmer Travis Telford worked extensively with Tobin No-Till testing the Tornado. Supplying valuable feedback and putting the Tornado through a lot of challenging conditions. Travis uses the tornado to plant pasture, silage and a variety of crops into stubble and rocky conditions.

Strong parallelogram

Featuring 8in (200mm) long pins for superior lateral stability. These are supported by synthetic greaseless bushes at each end for low maintenance and long life.

Depth adjust

The Tornado’s parallelogram features ‘on the go’ hydraulic depth adjustment.

Contour following

During development the tornado was known as “project contour disc” with contour following the primary focus of the Tornado evolution. The result, superior, precise contour

following. Each disc opener is attached to an individual parallelogram, set by a dedicated depth gauge wheel that is hydraulically adjusted.

3 year warranty

Continuing Tobin tradition all ground engaging bearings and structural integrity come with a 3 year warranty. The Japanese tapered roller bearing feature a variety of carefully engineered protection measures for years of faultless operation without the need for grease nipples.

Minimal maintenance

A typical tornado features a total of only 4 nipples! Instant uniform hydraulic depth adjustment across the entire machine form the tractor cab. Leaving you more time to get the job done and move on to the next paddock. Performing excessive maintenance will not add to your yield at the end of the season, so get it in on time at the perfect depth with the Tornado.

Proven Opener

Although the Tornado parallelogram disc planter is a new design to the Tobin No-Till line up, the opener utilised is our trusted and proven 610mm (24in) disc using the same geometry, seed boot, and scraper arrangement as the Tobin No-Till Bullet.


New minimum spacing of 175mm (7in) in a 2 row setup or a minimum of 300mm (12in) as a single row setup. See model range, if you require different spaces please contact your local Tobin dealership.