Very limited stock for Seeding 2014

Limited No Till Planter

As operator turn their attentions to the seeding 2014, many will be wondering how to improve their approach to No-Till farming whether it will be for moisture retention, managing stubble, decrease soil disturbance, increase efficiency, reducing inputs, saving fuel/tractor hours/labour or a combination of reasons.

Burring off stubble is the only option many operator have so that they can simply place seed in the ground. This approach in a majority of situations is a very substantial disadvantage. “I have seen two paddocks on either side of the fence one planted in stubble from previous years with a Tobin, the other in a burn off paddock. I was amazed how lush the Tobin crop was when compared to the burnt paddock.” Said Luke Aguirre – Tobin No-Till Sales and Marketing Manager. “The burnt off paddock was seriously facing crop failure, it looked that stressed.”

If you are looking for a solution to improving your No-Till program, Tobin No-Till have very limited stock available for seeding 2014 delivery. Contact you nearest Tobin No-Till dealer or Tobin No-Till directly to find out what models are available.