Video Gallery


Introduction to the Tobin No-Till Disc Seeder and this video series.

Why Discs

A look at why a farmer should consider a disc planting machine.

Flexible Program

Plant in one third to half the time of a conventional machine to take advantage of rainfall patterns and planting windows.

Retain Moisture

Moisture retention is a priority. See how a Tobin No-Till maximises moisture retention and maximises your yields.

Retain Trash

Stubble retention is a part of sustainable broad acre farming. See our machine get through stubble & trash with ease.

Seed Placement

Seed placement is critical. The Tobin No-Till drill places seed consistently at the required depth across the speed range.

Rocks & Sticky Soils

The Tobin No-Till operates with ease in most conditions including rocky ground and black sticky soils.


Our machine is virtually maintenance free. It delivers reliably season after season. Our confidence is backed by guarantees.

Reduce Inputs

The Tobin No-Till will reduce input costs substantially. Savings on fuel, labour and time are just the start of the cost savings.

Options & Features

We offer a number of options to suit your conditions and keep your machine planting efficiently in rocks & sticky soils.

Tobins Tips

Noel Tobins ‘Top 5 Tips’ for what to look for when buying a seeder