Top 5 Tips For Buying A Disc Seeder

1. Do Your Homework
What are the choices? Take plenty of time to investigate all machines suitable for your conditions before making a purchase. Use the internet for initial research. A disc seeder is an expensive purchase. Make sure you start off on the right track.

2. Talk To Farmers Using the Machines You Are Looking At
The most valuable opinion you will get is from someone already using the machine. Don’t just listen to the salesmen. Get confirmation the machine actually does what the salesman says. Importantly, talk to farmers with similar conditions to yours.

3. Do a Cost Benefit Analysis
The measure of success of an investment is not the initial outlay, it is the returns generated by your investment. Don’t be fooled into thinking low cost will generate the best return on your investment.There are many farmers who have bought a machine on price, used it for one frustrating season and then spend years trying to sell it. Don't waste your money.

Your investment is the cost of the machine. Your returns are measured in annual running cost savings and yield improvement over the life of the machine. Measure this over the expected life of the machine you are looking at. The more durable and reliable the machine, the greater your total return will be.

4. Reliability
Talk to customers about the reliability of machines you are considering. You want long-life and low down-time from your machine. The machine needs to do its job with no fuss and no stress. Find out if the machine you are considering is proven to give hassle-free operation. Avoid machines that continually break-down.

5. Discounts & Tax Rebates
Most manufacturers will provide off-season discounts in order to spread their production smoothly over the year. This provides benefits to you, and the employees of the manufacturers.

Tax rebates of 15% are currently available for purchases of conservation sowing equipment including disc-seeders and air-carts. Make sure your machine is eligible and your dealer can provide advice on how to secure this rebate.

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Free DVD

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Cost Savings

A good disc planter should halve your fuel bill compared with conventional planters due to the lower energy requirements of the discs machines.

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